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Outsourcers Guide to Shipping Internationally

To survive in today’s increasingly competitive global economy, efficiency when outsourcing is the name of the game. Every good manager should always have on the forefront of his or her mind this question: “How do I get my company to produce more than we did last year at an equal or smaller cost per unit than last year?” One solution to this question is more and more commonly to pursue overseas options to get certain jobs done for less money by people outside of our economic system. However, this solution frequently comes with hidden costs that are not reflected in a simple salary comparison. Instead, Renaissance Shipping Agency aims to help managers focus on increasing productivity through two alternative solutions: technology and more efficient utilization of existing staff.

Leading International Shippers

Technological Solutions
Renaissance Shipping Agency stives to be on the vanguard of the latest technology at all times – constantly exploring new ideas of how to get the same tasks done better, faster, and cheaper. Though we utilize and share technological solutions through many tools, our Excel spreadsheet solutions tend to be the most popular as they implement technology most companies already posess and require no training or special knowledge to implement. Click on the links below to see some examples of how we have saved hundreds of hours of employee work per year through simple spreadsheet solutions pertaining to various day-to-day operations within the shipping industry.


  • Automatically Generating Coastal Schedule: Reduce time on repeating tasks of Port Captains while eliminating simple math and “fat fingering” errors. (Right mouse click and save to computer to view and experiment with a sample schedule.
  • Automatically Generating Planning Tools: Allocation Table, Alloation Calculation Form, Container Booking Forecast – all calculated with one simple cut and paste from loading software and easily modified by planner to fit voyage specifics.
  • Automatically Generating Husbandry Forms: Never enter the same data twice. Sample shows various customs forms for New York that have been converted to Excel and incorporated into database system so the same info is never enterered more than once – regardless of how long it’s been since the last time a ship has called or how many vessels the agent is responsible for.

Outsourcing Management Solutions
Technological solutions are just one means of getting more from fewer people. However, without a more comprehensive means of maximizing employee efficiency, it may just serve to free up time to play Solitaire. As an outside observer, Renaissance Shipping Agency can serve to provide solutions not always obvious to people on the inside so company interests coincide with employee interests in creative ways that reward efficiency and systematically discourage wastefulness. Far beyond stock options or incentive contests, RSA efficiency consultants can help companies go far beyond simple reliance on management supervision alone to streamline company productivity and minimize costs.

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